Ann Arbor renovations, maintenance, and repairs

If you need some small to medium projects done around your home I can help. I provide residential and commercial clients reliable and skilled renovation, carpentry, repair, painting, handyman, and maintenance services in the Ann Arbor area. I offer fast courteous service, clean work areas, well maintained equipment, and the knowledge of how to do things correctly and to your expectations.

I am a licensed residential builder in Ann Arbor Michigan. Being licensed and insured means ArborServe is dedicated to giving you the best service possible with the peace of mind that the work will be done meeting or exceeding local codes and requirements. ArborServe is not limited by what unlicensed companies can offer, permits will be pulled if required, and a warranty is offered for most services. Beyond typical Ann Arbor handyman services, ArborServe does what it takes to make you happy with everything we do.

If your home was built before 1978, you can relax knowing that I am a trained RRP (Renovation, Repair, and Painting contractor) and ArborServe is an EPA certified RRP firm in Ann Arbor. When work is done on your home and it was built before 1978, the law requires strict procedures be followed and records maintained to ensure your safety. ArborServe will test for lead at your request for a small fee and follow the EPA requirements for lead mitigation when required. Having the right equipment including a HEPA certified vacuum- the work can be done safely at a minimal additional cost. Please see the Renovate Right brochure from the EPA.

ArborServe also has many commercial accounts helping Ann Arbor area businesses and municipalities get projects done quickly and safely. Minor fabrication (wood, metal, plastic), on site maintenance and repairs, installations, carpentry, and many other tasks can be achieved on a one time or ongoing basis. Offering a cost effective solution that gets your project(s) done to your specifications makes ArborServe both convenient and affordable.


If you have rental property and need code upgrades done for a certificate of occupancy I can help there too. I know what Ann Arbor requires for a rental property and can quickly get your rental house ready for the inspection. I can work from the inspectors list and give pricing either by the hour or job. I also offer next day service for existing clients to get repairs done at minimal inconvenience for your tenants.

ArborServe also helps with budgeting- the ArborServe Card is a way to lock in current rates for future and ongoing handyman services. Purchase a block of time and use it when required. ArborServe knows what Ann Arbor residents and businesses want and need- let us be your “go to” solution provider.