Ann Arbor lawn and garden landscaping services.

ArborServe offers seasonal lawn and garden services in the spring and fall. David enjoys getting outside often and providing these services is both rewarding and enjoyable for him. ArborServe has a commercial core lawn aerator, power rake, front and rear tine tillers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, wood chipper, and even a log splitter to get things done quickly and to your satisfaction. Among the lawn and garden services I offer are core lawn aeration, power raking (de-thatching), garden rototilling, rain garden installation, compost and woodchip delivery and spreading.

A garden is wonderful to have and a great way to get healthy food through the summer. ArborServe has a rear tine tiller when breaking ground for new gardens and a front tine tiller perfect for spring and fall cultivation. Soil can be augmented with compost (as available) or you can start you own compost bin for future gardens. Raised beds made with rot resistant cedar make for easier weeding and harvesting.

Having rainwater harvesting abilities improves your garden and helps reduce rainwater runoff into our watershed. When properly installed and maintained rain barrels and cisterns offer a great source of clean water for your garden. Making a rain garden is another way of reducing rain water runoff while making a habitat for beneficial insects. David Dye (the owner of ArborServe) has made his home in Ann Arbor so that little if any rainwater escapes from his property- visitors welcome.

ArborServe feels that lawns do not need to have a negative impact on the environment. Through core lawn aeration, soil testing, proper mowing, and thatching (if needed) a healthy lawn can be achieved for children and pets in a River Safe manner. ArborServe owns and maintains a core lawn aerator, power rake, and soil testing equipment to help get your lawn healthy without the need to use pesticides and fertilizers. If testing finds your soil is depleted of nutrients a target plan can be made so you do not waste money or time.

If you have any questions or want to talk about your lawn and garden needs in the Ann Arbor area- please contact David to see what ArborServe can do to help. Having a comfortable home goes beyond the walls of the house.