ArborServe- pricing and cost schedules


ArborServe feels that knowing the costs upfront is essential to making renovation, repair, improvement, and maintenance decisions. Depending on the services desired and timeframe needed the following guidelines can be used to get an idea of the rates charged. Flat bids and estimates are done if requested.


Home improvement services are billed at $60 per hour with a two hour minimum. This rate covers most consumable items (caulk, nails, screws, plaster...), required tools and equipment, transportation, and David with the skills required to get the jobs done correctly and quickly. Additional materials, fixtures, hardware, and other items can be purchased separately or obtained by ArborServe with the costs (including time) passed on to you.


Commercial services are billed at a rate of $60 per hour. Minimum charges varies depending on the contract. This rate includes typical consumables, equipment, tools, travel time, and David with the ability to get the work done quickly and safely. Additional materials and hardware can be purchased separately or procured by ArborServe at an additional cost.


Landscaping (lawn and garden) services are billed at $60 per hour with a two hour minimum. Lawn and garden services are where buildings, lines, pipes, or buried items will not be involved. This includes rototilling, lawn aeration, power raking, raised garden beds, compost delivery, and other property work away form buildings and utilities. There is no extra charge for equipment rental because I own the necessary equipment to get your project done.


Some landscaping services are provided by the square foot. Rototilling existing gardens start at $75 for a 10x20 garden. Lawn aeration and dethatching start at $15 per thousand square feet, with a $90 minimum. Post hole drilling for fence posts from $12 for a 8"x24", $18 for 42" deep with an $80 minimum. Prices subject to change so please call for current rates.


Flat rate charges for some code requirements, ADA installations, ongoing projects, and fixture/appliance replacement can be arranged on an as needed basis.


The ArborServe Card is a way of purchasing blocks of time to use as needed for ongoing projects or various maintenance services. For $600 you get eleven hours with a one hour minimum per service call. For licensed Realtors we offer a special two hour card at a reduced rate to give to your clients- that is showing you care! Additional materials, hardware, and fixtures are not included and if used for landscaping the rate is not reduced. It does include all tools and equipment required.


*All pricing subject to change- please call or email for most current rates. If special equipment, weekend or holiday scheduling is required there may be additional costs.*