ArborServe- Ann Arbor skilled handyman services

ArborServe is the one stop shop for your handyman type of home improvement services in Ann Arbor. Being a builder has enabled me to acquire all of the tools, equipment, and skills to get most tasks needed done around your home completed. From installing shelves to replacing a dishwasher ArborServe is the one to call on.


If you have a rental property that needs maintenance or code upgrades in Ann Arbor I will get the work done to pass inspection. I help landlords obtain their Ann Arbor rental certificate of occupancy by making the unit up to code. I can perform an initial inspection to uncover and repair most common reasons why an inspection will fail the rental or work from the list sent to you by the Ann Arbor rental inspector. I will let you know when to bring a specialized contractor in for major repairs, but I can get most minor building, electrical (proper outlets, GFCI, fixture replacement), and plumbing (vacuum breakers, fixture replacement, valves) problems taken care of in a few hours.

All Ann Arbor homes need ongoing maintenance, improvements, and repairs. Even if you are handy with tools having a skilled handyman can save you time, money, and possible grief when getting projects completed around your home. ArborServe is there when you need a project done right with as little disruption in your life as possible.

I  can make custom shelving or install units that you buy to increase storage, fix sticking doors and windows, replace sash cords, replace locks, complete code upgrades for rental properties, install vents, fix masonry, repair and replace handrails, repair decks, hang racks and pictures, and many other repairs around the home.

Minor electrical from fixture replacement to GFCI outlet installation is done correctly and affordably. Replacing outlets, switches, lights, fans, and appliances can be completed quickly in most cases. Circuits are tested and verified to be up to code before any work is done to insure your safety.

Minor plumbing including low flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads are replaced quickly, correctly, and up to code. Air gaps and "burp" valves are installed when required. Faucet and valve repacking and rebuilding can save money with reduced water usage and at a much lower cost than replacement.

If you are comfortable doing most things around you home yourself but just need a hand with something give ArborServe a call. Having the correct tools, equipment, and skills can save you time and money while doing work on your home. Need post holes dug for a deck or fence? Hanging that drywall on the ceiling is about to break up your marriage? Just need a hand framing the basement with the tools to get it done in a fraction of the time? Just call me  and get things done right the first time.