ArborServe- Serving Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities.

ArborServe was started in 2001 by life long Ann Arbor resident David Dye. After 15 years in the computer and networking industry David had the opportunity to start his own business and he always wanted to get involved in home improvements. As the business grew he got his builders license in 2005 so he could take on larger projects. In 2010 the EPA mandated the RRP certification for businesses involved with homes built before 1978 so he scheduled training and became a certified firm.

In 2003 David was hired to help with the Building in a Building at the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum furthering his love for construction. This project was the springboard for ArborServe to expand its service offering. Finding a niche in Ann Arbor David decided to focus on smaller projects to increase his availability and reduce the fluctuation in the market (seasonal and economic).

David has always been conscience of the environment and loves the outdoors. Offering outdoor services was a perfect fit and enabled him working out of the shop in the spring and fall. Helping people harvest rainwater, start a vegetable garden, reduce runoff into the storm sewers, and educating Ann Arbor residents about sustainable lifestyles has been a rewarding experience.

ArborServe will continue to grow and offer what Ann Arbor residents and businesses desire. David is starting a tool cooperative in Ann Arbor that he hopes will help homeowners as well as the environment by reducing the need to buy redundant tools that will get little use. He is starting a website promoting living in a sustainable green manner while having little impact on ones quality of life. And, he is making videos on how to do projects safely and correctly as well as cost effective energy efficient home improvements.

Now that you know a little more about David Dye and ArborServe why not see what he can do to help with your next project.